Plagiarism is the act of stealing original information or details, such as language, ideas, expressions, or thoughts, from another author as if they the plagiariser’s original details. This means that if you copied another person’s work in any way and made them your own, then you are committing the act of plagiarism.

Before the advent of the cyberspace world and the domination of the internet in the current era, plagiarism is being committed mainly on the academe. It occurs when people in the academe, mainly students, copy works from other people and make those works seem like their own original work. Plagiarism on the academe is a serious offense and poses grave punishment. Students who are caught plagiarising someone’s work often receive punishments like expulsion from the school, university, or institution where they are studying. The humiliation they receive is the worse punishment. Other schools may not admit them for such act, making their situation worse.

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Plagiarism on the internet also occurs. Plagiarised works on the internet are often called duplicate contents. Such contents often come in the form of directly copied articles or contents on the web. If you copy an article or content on some website then use those same copied articles on your own website, then you are producing duplicate contents and at the same time, you are committing an act of plagiarism on the web. Similar to plagiarism on the academe, plagiarism on the web also has punishments. Search engines are the ones who punish plagiarisers by making their site rank low on searches or even ban them.

Plagiarism is not directly punishable by law. However, there is a copyright act or law which protects the original work of people, especially authors. Hence, plagiarisers are punished not by directly committing plagiarism, but by failing to abide by the copyright law. Thus, be it plagiarism on the academe or plagiarism on the web, people who commit it will be punished no matter what.

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The fiery matches on the cricket game continues and everyone, the various competing teams coming from different parts of the world as well as the fans and audience cheering for their respective teams, are so excited.

Impressed Teach Coach

One of these people is the India’s team coach Anil Kumble who was very pleased to see the competing grounds for the cricket game. He praised not only the stadium but also the different facilities that will be used for the matches. The crickets are being conducted this year at the Central Broward Regional Park Stadium in Florida USA. This weekend, two cricket matches will be hosted at the said place.

Perfect Competing Grounds

The Central Broward Regional Park Stadium is the only ICC certified ODI standard stadium facility in the USA. It has hosted the six Leagues of Caribbean Premier last month. According to Kamble, he already expected the facilities to be good. However, he said that what he saw when he got there was beyond his expectations. He praised the grounds for having perfect wickets which are ideal for the ball by ball games, the practice facilities for being excellently built, and the outfield for the spectacular views and fantastic construction. For these reasons, Kamble became very excited for the upcoming two cricket games to be held this weekend. His team will be competing with another team and he said that the match would be expected to be exhilarating.

ball by ball

Upcoming Match

Kumble’s team will be competing against the West Indies this weekend. He said that his team has been practicing well and that each one of his boys is very well disciplined and committed to the game. He also praised their upcoming opponents stating that he has previously worked with the competing team and believes that they will be a tough opponent for they deserve to win the T20 championship games.

Kamble also stated that he wishes no obstacles with regards to the flow of the games will be met over this weekend, just like the cancellation and delays of some games last week due to the rains.

India will be competing this weekend with the West Indies. Everyone should look forward for this match as these two tough teams compete with each other. Stay tuned for the scores of the cricket games as well as for the live matches.